Coltel brings new Wi-Fi solution to business customers 

Coltel has worked with manufacturer, Ubiquiti, for a long time now and has always been impressed with their products and solutions.  When they released the new range of wireless networks called UniFi AC Mesh Coltel were extremely keen to get their hands on it and start deployment. 
The new Mesh range vastly simplifies the deployment of Wi-Fi to places and devices that ethernet cables or routers couldn’t viably reach before. Large sites or small complex ones are where Wireless Mesh Networks come in.
A Wireless Mesh Network uses a number of wireless Access Points/Radios which communicate with each other wirelessly to extend and provide internet access to clients throughout a physical site. This works contrary to traditional wireless networks which attempted to provide internet connectivity through a smaller number of wired gateways/routers.
The UniFi Mesh AC opens up new opportunities for businesses as it is a highly reliable, easy to manage and low cost solution to install and maintain. 
It can also be a great solution for temporary, outdoor installations for festivals, shows, concerts and events.
If you’re interested in speaking to us about how we can help you with your Wi-Fi needs give us a call on 01224 899299.


Coltel gains new Vodafone specialist partner status

An Aberdeen based communications firm has achieved the status of Specialist Partner in Vodafone’s new partner programme which went live last month.

Coltel which provides integrated communications solutions for businesses including mobile communications, fixed line telephone systems and IT solutions, is currently the only firm in the North East of Scotland to achieve this level of status in the new programme.  Over 100 dealers across the UK have received accreditation under the new scheme. 

The new structure focuses on a partners’ capability to deliver services, placing recognition on their knowledge and aptitude in the solutions and the value this provides to customers.  To achieve the Specialist Partner accreditation Coltel’s staff undertook a series of training and exams through which they were required by the operator to demonstrate complete competence and in-depth knowledge of Vodafone solutions and services. 

Neil Collie, managing director at Coltel stated: “We’ve always held the specialist knowledge of Vodafone’s products with an emphasis on mobile.  The new Vodafone partner programme now earns us the deservingrecognition for our capability and expertise. 

“We’ve diversified our business over the years, building on our mobile expertise to focus on fixed line telephone systems and cloud communication solutions.  Vodafone has supported us during our growth and we’re very pleased to have been awarded their new Specialist Partner status.” 


Weston wins Coltel Grampian Stages on rally return

Aberdeen based rally ace David Weston Jnr took the impressive victory at the Coltel Grampian Stages on Saturday 13th August. The Subaru Impreza WRC pilot was guided by Welshman Aled Davies and the duo were never surpassed in the Stonehaven and District Motor Club organised event.

Almost 100 crews from across the UK competed in the rally around the forests of Kincardineshire and the fight behind Weston for the remaining podium positions was not such a simple affair. A day long battle between current ARR Craib MSA Scottish Rally Championship (SRC) leaders Garry Pearson, SRC returnee John MacCrone and British Championship regular Euan Thorburn was eventually settled in MacCrone’s favour on the final stage of the day, taking second after a nail biting finish with Thorburn third.

Based at the Milton of Crathes near Banchory, the event formed the penultimate round of the Scottish Championship and the battle for overall honours was wide open as crews from the series joined local hopefuls all eager to be the first name to be engraved on the winner’s trophy of the inaugural Coltel Grampian Stages event.

Weston returned to the glorious Crathes Castle ceremonial finish in a jubilant mood. “It’s been a perfect day and it’s fantastic to win what is effectively my home rally” he said.

Full results are available on the Grampian Stages website


Coltel Grampian Stages Revving up for the weekend

Coltel is getting ready to rev up the weekend as the main sponsor at the Grampian Stages rally where almost 100 crews will fight it out at the penultimate round of the ARR Craib MSA Scottish Rally Championship.Eddie Kelly Motorsport Photography

The Aberdeenshire Coltel Grampian Stages will host some of the best rally drivers in the country.  An epic battle between many local favourites and championship contenders will ensue as they race through the forests of Kincardineshire on Saturday 13th August in a bid for the overall rally win.

The new-for-2016 event, promoted by Stonehaven and District Motor Club is based at the Milton of Crathes Art and Craft Village near Banchory.The event kicks off with pre-event scrutiny and documentation on Friday 12th August at the Milton of Crathes centre before the ceremonial start takes place under the gaze of the historical Crathes Castle on Saturday 13th at around 9am.  Crews will then head into the forests to contest six stages, returning to the Milton of Crathes event field for a service halt twice during the day.  The Castle will then welcome the winners back to the ceremonial finish where the victors will spray the champagne at around 3pm.

Spectators will be able to get up close and personal with the cars and competitors throughout the daywith ample opportunity to enjoy the action both on and off the stages. As well as the ceremonial start and finish at Crathes Castle, spectators can view the cars at close quarters at the Milton Events Field as they come into service.  There will also be a chance to capture the action on four stages on the event with excellent vantage points.

“The event is shaping up to be quite a spectacle with a number of local and well known drivers taking part.  The classic stages through the Kincardineshire forests will prove to be a superb test for the crews whilst the historic backdrop of Crathes Castle and surrounding area will serve as a delight for spectators.”  

Leading the field away at the number one seed will be local hero and 2015 BTRDA National Gravel rally champion David Weston Jnr from Aberdeen with Welshman Aled Davies alongside in their Subaru Impreza WRC.

Local ace and event supporter Bruce McCombie (Banchory) and Michael Coutts (Torphins) are number eight seed in their McCombie Builders backed Mitsubishi E9.

Full event and spectator information is available on the Grampian Stages website


Coltel's Football Fridays

Every Friday throughout the European Championships Coltel will be delivering football refreshments to a lucky winner and their colleagues.

Win a lunchtime delivery of two large pizzas and a crate of Deeside Brewery craft beer to your office in Aberdeen. 

All you have to do is share and/or like our “Football Fridays” posts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and we could be coming to your office this Friday!

How to enter:

·         Like our “Football Fridays” posts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram

·         Share our “Football Fridays” posts on LinkedIn and/or Facebook

·         Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms & Conditions

Location must be within the AB postal code
Each weekly winner will be identified Thursday at 5pm and notified by Friday 9.30am
Deliveries will be made Friday between 12noon and 2pm
Winners must be willing to get their photo taken with Coltel representative and posted on social media
Delivery will consist of 2 x large pizzas from Heavenly Pizza and 1 x crate of Deeside Brewery craft beer
Campaign runs from Friday 10th June to Friday 8th July


Coltel Grampian Stages Rally 2016

The Coltel Grampian Stages will be held on Saturday 13th August 2016 as part of the ARR Craib MSA Scottish Rally Championship (SRC) seven round series.   The event will be the penultimate round of the SRC and will provide over 40 stage miles in the forests of Kincardineshire.



Windows 10: Our advice on upgrading

by Chris Marshall, IT Manager

We’ve heard from some customers of cases where users are experiencing forced upgrades to Windows 10. 

Although I don’t agree delivery should be forced upon anyone - Microsoft might well argue the point; I guess their logic besides trying to increase uptake is: “Our new product is great and it’s free - you have to try this!”

But, stories like this can hurt a brand, which is exactly what you don’t want when you are trying to encourage uptake.  Change can be scary; my customer was scared. “What if this happens to my PCs?”

So here’s some advice:

The problem for most people moving to Windows 10 may be more to do with the other software running on their computer.  Old versions of Office, Sage, Quickbooks and Line-of-Business applications all need to be up to date (and in the case of LOB applications, tested) on Windows 10 – or else you’ll hit a brick wall.  For a lot of people that’s really scary.  This is generally where we come in and help.

That all said, I don’t think an upgrade to Windows 10 is a bad thing.  Windows 10 is getting well established now, there are good reasons – particularly on security and performance - to upgrade.  It’s had some genuinely positive reviews and it’s free (for now).  Eligible PCs have been displaying the Windows 10 upgrade notification icon now for a pretty reasonable length of time, most people know it’s out there and might/should have given this some thought.  There are always cases where the upgrades go wrong and where older software doesn’t quite work like it used to – but these really are isolated (and fixable) from what I can see.

My own experience of Windows 10 has been generally very positive; there’s very little that’s so new to worry either Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 users – and it outperforms both in terms of operating speed and ease of use.

..and it’s free!

Personally, I’d encourage giving Windows 10 a try.  Historically, not every update Microsoft have released has been perfect – but if you still trust Microsoft to keep your PC up to date; why not trust them with their latest and greatest operating system (which is free) rather than one that is no longer in mainstream support (in the case of Windows 7)?

Pro tip:
If it’s been less than a month since you upgraded/were forced to Windows 10, you can go back to your previous version of Windows by going to Settings > Update & security > Recovery and selecting either Go back to Windows 7 or Go back to Windows 8.1.  This won’t affect your personal files, but it will remove any apps that you installed after the upgrade to Windows 10.  You can always try Windows 10 again at a later date. When it very possibly won’t be free anymore.


Vodafone 4G is coming to town!  Get ready to fly.

Vodafone 4G is now available in areas across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire including Westhill, Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

Get ready for your business communications to fly on their 4G network connection, bringing you a number of benefits in efficiency and productivity.  

If super-fast internet connection with no buffering, HD Video streaming, multi-user video chat, and instant uploads are on your Christmas wish list then Vodafone 4G connection brings all this enjoyment. 

For more information please contact Paul or Nik on 01224 899299 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Merry Communications!


New Appointment
Nikolaos Georgopoulos, Area Representative

We're thrilled to announce a new addition to our team in Aberdeen.  We recently appointed Nikolaos Georgopoulos as Area Representative, forming part of our sales team.  In this new role Nik will be working closely with our clients, maintaining relationships and sales opportunities. 

"Nik is a passionate and enthusiastic addition to our team," commented Paul Watt.  "He has a solid background in customer care and sales coupled with an excellent level of knowledge and skill in IT and programming.   We're really please to welcome Nik to the team and confident he will add value for our customers and to our business." 


Collie's Corner: Cost or Service Quality...How do you Buy?

Typically customers don’t buy purely on price however we understand that at this time some industries are looking to cut costs and take measures to explore cheaper solutions; we get that and we understand the need to spend carefully. 

However it’s perhaps prudent to ask what your criteria for buying is and identify what the true cost may be?

Is the cheapest option best? Unless you’re satisfied with the risk and confident the level of service at a cheaper price is acceptable, then at least stop and think before you buy.  

Do you know what are you giving up for securing a cheaper price?  What is the value trade-off and is that acceptable for you, your business and ultimately your customers?

If you do, and you are, then stop reading.  If you’re not sure, then read on.

What’s the cost associated with failure? These costs are often overlooked or at least underestimated when focusing on price and finding cheaper solutions.

I was recently asked “what do I get from you for paying a higher price?”

Well, in Coltel’s situation we provide a personal and local service that takes the pain away from dealing with large call centre environments and can ultimately help you make money in the long term. 

So what?

One of your employees has lost their phone or had it stolen on a Friday evening.  They are the out of hours contact at weekends.  A new prospect has an emergency haulage job on Saturday afternoon and is trying to reach you.  They can’t get through on the out of hours number because you provider can’t do anything for you until Monday morning.  The prospect eventually calls your competitor.  Revenue is lost and a customer is lost. 

So for example if a customer calls me on a Saturday morning with an issue with a lost or stolen phone I can have a new phone and sim card out to them the same day. You’d not get this from a “cheaper solution”.  What is this worth to you? What’s the cost of not having this level of service?

Your Business Development Manager receives his new phone but now he needs to spend his morning transferring his data and contacts from his old phone to his new one before he can start making sales calls.  We can provide a device swap service whereby we can copy data from one handset to another within a few minutes.  You’d not get this from a “cheaper solution”.  What is this worth to you? What’s the cost of not having this level of service?

It’s Wednesday morning and your phone lines go down.  You contact your provider to communicate the problem and request a divert to be placed on the line.  This will take some time to do and before they can action it they require your full account information and password.  You have the account information but Tommy set the password and he is currently travelling and cannot be reached for another 4 hours.  All the time you are missing customer and prospective calls.

As a Coltel customer you have the option of being in full control of your numbers via a user friendly web portal or simply a call to Coltel will have your numbers where you need them to be.

You’d not get this from a “cheaper solution”.  What is this worth to you? What’s the cost of not having this level of service?

Adrian, your regional technical manager is due to travel across Europe for customer presentations.  His new iPad has arrived and he needs all his email active on the device and all apps and presentations operating properly before he leaves in two days. 

We will set-up email on your devices and provide advice on applications to get the most from your device.  You’d not get this from a “cheaper solution”.  What is this worth? What’s the cost of not having this level of service?

We appreciate the need to look after the cash in your business yet we also believe there’s more than one way to slice a cake.  We will work with you to maximise the solution that fits your business and your budget, potentially saving you money as well as making you money in the long term.

There is an optimal point of trade-off between cost and quality, just be sure you’re not over geared toward cost and lose the quality you didn’t realise you had until it’s gone.


Cyber Crime on the Rise

Security is a topical issue right now amid a rise in the rate of cyber crime.  At the same time it would appear there is a lack of awareness about security threats and steps for protection.

There is a checklist of safeguards businesses could start with to reveal and identify strategies for employees and the business to stay safe.

  • Are your employees aware of internet borne threats; can they identify bogus emails and attachments? Do they exercise caution with unsolicited emails and web links? Have user's PCs been optimised to avoid programs being run accidentally?
  • Is web activity in the workplace monitored or filtered; from the perspective of both security and productivity - do staff realise that while some websites appear genuine, the links and adverts within the site could cause problems or contain malicious software.
  • Are users given administrative rights on their own PCs - or is an administrative account generally "known". Is there a safeguard against the ad-hoc installation of software?
  • Is a quality, centralised and managed Anti-Virus / Internet security in place and up to date? Are daily scans performed?
  • Has careful consideration been made for business data backup? Where is your data stored and how far back can you go? Has it ever been tested?

If you’re concerned about security threats or would like to know more about how we could help keep your business safe, contact our IT team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01224 899299.


Coltel now authorised re-seller of Cel-Fi

Do you struggle to maintain mobile phone signal in your office?
Don’t let your line break up during that important phone call.

Coltel are delighted to now be an authorised re-seller for Cel-Fi, an indoor mobile phone signal booster.   Cel-Fi’s mobile phone signal booster strengthens your signal indoors by up to four times, providing clear voice conversations and greater data throughput.

If you need to give your signal a boost contact us on 01224 899299 to find out more.



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