Portable appliance testing (PAT)

There is a statutory legal requirement for all employers to comply with the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations, and to ensure that all portable electrical equipment is safe to operate under the Health and Safety directive.

To ensure that your company is compliant Coltest undertakes Portable Electrical Appliance Testing (PAT) and is the leading independent provider of PAT testing in Scotland with certified ‘Competent Technicians’ carrying out the work.

We test in all environments including office, hotel and industrial. Every individual piece of tested equipment has either a ‘Pass Label’ attached or a ‘Fail Report’ clearly identifying any problems.

We can also test single phase, three phase and industrial DC equipment all to the highest standards and with the minimum of disruption to daily working routines.

PAT testing is a requirement under HSE legislation and increasingly for insurance purposes. Coltest will provide all the necessary certification, plus a detailed asset register, on completion of successful testing.

For details of your obligations and Coltest’s PAT testing service call us today on 01224 899299.


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