Two-way radios

Two way radio communications offer your business or organisation the ability to stay in touch in a cost efficient, simple to use manner which is instant, secure and easy to maintain.

Two way radios are invaluable to event organisers, on construction sites and industrial sites, in agriculture, or transport fleets (including taxis) and for security control.

Sometimes referred to as ‘walkie-talkies,’ two way radios have a comprehensive range of installation for all uses including handheld to handheld, vehicle to vehicle, base to vehicle, base to handheld, handheld to vehicle and any combination to suit your needs.

Coltel has many years of experience in the design of two-way radio network applications and our team of highly skilled engineers can install the radios and train in their use.

For short term applications, for events such as the Portsoy Boat festival, concerts and visitor attractions, hire your two-way radios from Coltel who always have a range of units on standby, charged and ready to go.

Industrial applications of two-way radios

Working in partnership with industry leading providers of solutions, hardware and accessories, Coltel can advise on the most appropriate solutions, undertake the necessary regulators compliance requirements and design, install and maintain a system tailored to your needs.

Intrinsically safe two-way radios

In some hazardous environments it is essential to have ‘intrinsically safe’ two-way radios e.g. refineries, distilleries, quarries, offshore installations etc. Coltel will advise and work with any organisation to ensure that the radio equipment is fully compliant and meets or exceeds all industry requirements in this specialized field.

Digital two-way radios

The latest application of digital technology is in digital two-way radios. Coltel is in the forefront of rolling out digital two-way radio technology with first uses already underway in the North East of Scotland.

Two-way radio licencing

Not all two-way radios require licencing but the more powerful business and industrial uses usually do.

Coltel will advise and assist in every aspect of licencing two-way radio operations. Firstly we will tell you if a licence is required, then we will work with you and guide you through the process of obtaining the correct licence for your two-way radio applications, which are issued by OfCom.



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