Navman wireless vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking is an essential business tool for all companies with fleet vehicles, whether just one or two or hundreds, whether cars, vans, lorries, buses, or coaches or even tractors and agricultural vehicles.

One of the best vehicle tracking systems is Navman Wireless, and Coltel is the exclusive Navman partner in Scotland for the whole range of Navman Wireless products and services.


A Navman Wireless vehicle tracking system brings modern fleet managers many benefits including:

  • Locate - You know exactly where they are
  • Communicate - Messages are sent to the vehicle and appear on-screen
  • Navigate - Fully integrated with the messaging unit or stand alone sat-navigation
  • Management of your vehicle utilisation - Highly efficient and productive use of resources
  • Fuel cost savings from less lost mileage and efficient driving speeds and driving style
  • Hours saved with no wasted journey time or mileage
  • Driver efficiency - Maximum productive use of driving hours


Coltel is the exclusive Navman Wireless partner in Scotland, and can supply and fit any Navman Wireless equipment anywhere in Scotland.

With a fleet of highly experienced and knowledgeable mobile engineers and a comprehensive vehicle workshop in Aberdeen our usual friendly greeting is “Your place or mine?”

Coltel has an excellent reputation for customer service through fast response and quality of workmanship.

We keep a comprehensive stock of equipment and have an overnight response capability for all urgent Navman Wireless equipment and parts.

Our service includes first time installation, upgrading when required and equipment transfers when vehicles are changed. Once you have Navman Wireless vehicle tracking installed by Coltel you will never want to be without it again, and with our service, you never need to be!

Navman Wireless Service & Support

As Navman Wireless’ exclusive partner in Scotland for over 10 years the Coltel service and support is like having Navman Wireless on your doorstep. All our installation and service engineers are Navman Wireless trained and Coltel offers 24/7 emergency response cover throughout Scotland.

To gain the maximum benefits from your Navman Wireless vehicle tracking system Coltel provides full product training for your drivers and fleet management staff.

Coltel also has early access to all equipment upgrades which we can quickly install in your fleet vehicles and train in their use.

A major advantage of dealing with the Coltel team is our familiar faces - there when you need us and ready to offer our excellent brand of Coltel customer service.

In the unlikely event of any equipment requiring repair out of the vehicle Coltel will install loan equipment to keep you on the road - where you need to be.

And when does this excellent support and service begin? The first time you contact Coltel about a vehicle tracking system by Navman Wireless of course, so get in touch today!

You can appreciate the full value of a Navman wireless vehicle tracking system by visiting the vehicle tracking page on their website.



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